Welcome to Fixable. We believe that almost anything can be fixed. And everything that can be, should be.

Fixable is a community-based, online marketplace for all things repair and reuse. It's a directory of repair businesses, professionals and skilled hobbyists in every neighbourhood, and a marketplace for the trade of repair-related items.

Fixable's mission is to save your stuff by making repair, reuse, and repurpose easier than choosing the right bin. How? By connecting skilled and resourceful repairers with the people and organisations who need them. 

We're doing this so we can:

  • Prolong the life of our belongings
  • Save money on buying replacements
  • Prevent yet more stuff from being thrown into landfill
  • Provide skilful Australians with extra income and a chance to share their skills
  • And maybe, just maybe, help change how people think before a purchase to “is this thing I’m buying durable, fixable, and will it last me 20, 30, 40+ years?"

At Fixable, we feature professional repairers expert in their trade -- for those high value items and specialised or complex repairs that demand their skills and experience. We also feature skilled hobbyists and amateurs who don't do repair as a job -- for those items that most people wouldn't pay a professional to fix; e.g. cheaper electrical items, clothing, toys, home decor, furniture, etc. These are the tings that otherwise end up in landfill.

Join us. The future is Fixable.

Fixable was founded as a social enterprise in 2021 by Brendan Norris, an ex-Queenslander who spent a few years in Sydney on his way to finding home in Victoria, first in Melbourne and now the Macedon Ranges, living there with his wife and two young kids.

Norry, as he's known, regretfully never listened when his old man tried to teach him how to fix things (or be practical in general). The result is an endless stream of calls to parents and parents-in-law asking for advice on fixing things. It occurred to Norry that there are people like his parents, parents-in-law and his friend Artek in every neighbourhood in Australia -- people who are great at repair but don't do it as a job.

So Norry decided to build something he wished existed: a way to connect people like them with people like him. And in the process, give those people a way to share their resourcefulness, skills and knowledge with their communities, often across generational, cultural, and social lines. And earn some extra income in the process.

We hope you find Fixable useful, and learn to love that wonderful feeling of prolonging the life of something you thought you had lost.